Race To The Top is a 4-player board game designed to incite tension and fear by providing limited means to acquire resources and multiple reasons to want the risk of confronting other players.
In this game, each player incarnates the role of an archaeologist finding a strange golden pyramid in the middle of a jungle. However, as the place is imbued with a curse brought upon by its ancient dwellers, only those who collect enough souls or Artifact Cards are deemed worthy to ascend the pyramid.
Of course, this means that the players obtain souls by killing one another.
The game begins with each player pieces on the bonfires at the corners of the board, and they use the roll of a die to move. If they land on an Encounter Tile, they draw a card from the Encounter Deck. If they land on a Weapon Tile, they draw a random weapon from the Weapon Deck. There are numerous bonuses, penalties, and Artifact Cards hidden in the Encounter Deck. In order to be able to deal significant damage to others, players must obtain weapons and roll the die to attack accordingly to their own weapon.

weps and events

(Back of cards. Left to Right: Weapon Cards, Encounter Cards. Their designs correspond to the Weapon and Encounter tiles on the board.)

In the end, whoever makes it to the top of the pyramid first wins.

Navin Jawanda –Pieces Design;
Kelvin Yuen–Game Testing and Design;
Yassine Zaabat–Game Design.

My role: Graphic Design. I designed approximately 35 different cards for the game, as well as the board’s look and feel.

This was the final project in Kevin Leung’s excellent Game Design and Prototyping I class in fall 2015.

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