NeuroTechX is an international non-profit organization focused on fostering the development of neurotechnology through providing and sharing resources, learning, and community-building.

From October 2015 to March 2016 I was given an internship to work with the Montreal chapter of NeurotechX, NeurotechMTL. Among other things, I had been tasked to rework on the first phase of the new NeurotechX website, as well as revisit logos and banners of the different local chapters as they acquire their social media accounts.

I first made an HTML theme for web pages for local chapters–using NeurotechMTL as an example–but that project was dropped in favor of using Meetup as a hub for each chapter.   This theme’s aesthetics isn’t quite as polished as the main NeurotechX page, as we were still figuring out exactly what were the colors, fonts, and themes that were most representative of NeurotechX.

The end result is a responsive webpage. Since the end of my internship John has taken over  as the main web developer and designer, and while I haven’t been involved with the more recent developments everything I made is still there.

Furthermore, I have created a resource kit for future chapters of the organization, which can be found here:

NeurotechX’s vinyl stickers were designed in roughly three days, as an answer to :”What kind of stickers would you put on your laptop?”


Romain “Rouffi” Rouyer —  Wireframe design

John Mazzucco — Meetup API development, “Where We Are” and “Global Partners” sections.

Me — HTML, CSS, web design and graphic design

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