KALIGHTOSCOPE is an Arduino-based array of 225 RGB LED’s placed at the end of a 3-mirror kaleidoscope. The total length of the piece is 75 centimeters, and the Kaleidoscope’s diameter is of over 25 centimeters. Originally, I wanted to make the lights responsive to input from an accelerometer, but I couldn’t make the Kalightoscope responsive within a reasonable time frame, as all LEDs are connected in a series. Trying to make the LED’s connected in parallel ate up too much of the Arduino’s memory, so in the end I simply had the accelerometer’s data as a potential variable for the kaleidoscope’s color cycles.

KALIGHTOSCOPE was presented during Correlate/Corréler,  Concordia University’s Design and Computation Arts year-end exhibition at the PHI center, from May 1st to 3rd, for the 2014 edition of BIAN Montreal.



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