“Your No.1 Source of Games That Are Just OK.”

Just OK Games began as a Marketing class exercise where we had to create the website of a fictional game company.

As we were juggling with other assignments, day-time jobs, and the stress of impending midterms and project deadlines, we were reflecting on how we were a bit too exhausted to make something absolutely remarkable. We weren’t doing top-of-the-class projects, nor were we failing, but our assignments were just okay.

(In hindsight, we were doing more than just okay, but we were having, as stressed-out individuals sometimes tend to have, a slight case of Impostor Syndrome.)

Then we began having a good laugh at the idea of making a tongue-in-cheek game company that brags about being anything but extraordinary, and JUST OKAY GAMES was born.

Just OK Games   was made in less than two weeks, heavily customizing a child theme version of Themeco’s X-theme and WordPress. It is a responsive website stacked full of placeholder content with a strong focus on arranging information in a logical and easy-to-use manner.

Kelvin Yuen, Navin Jawanda — Content

Logo Design, Theme Customization — Me.
Special Thanks to Steven Ramos for coining the name!

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