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Foodies ( later known as FOODIES Table) was a food plating and photography game that drew inspiration from the home decor game Design Home and from social media apps like Instagram. Players would take on plating challenges, and then their scores would be established via peer voting.

I worked on FOODIES Table as the main UI Artist for most of the project, from May 2018 until October 2019; I had to establish an app-like identity for the game, in order to appeal to a non-gamer demographic, which is an untapped market in mobile games. Later on in the project, I was joined by Elsa Belletti. Together we worked on keeping the visual identity of the game consistent with the direction of the project, and after I changed projects in October 2019 she took the helm.

Foodies Table made it to Soft Launch on Google Play in June 2019, before being cancelled in December 2019. It had been downloaded over 10, 000 times while in Early Access.



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