Who am I?

My name is Ana Tavera Mendoza and I am a Montreal-based  game designer, 2D/3D artist, and a self-taught 2D and 3D animator.
I made my first fully-playable game prototype in November 2013, and I haven't really stopped making games ever since.
I graduated from Concordia University's Computation Arts BFA program in June 2015, and obtained an AEC in Independent Game Design at Dawson College.
Along with Lucas Huang and Steven Ramos, I am the co-cocreator of Nestlinga meditative exploration game about communicating with birds. With a microphone. Literally.
Ryon Everett and I are co-founded Elusive Lollygaggers, a studio with a knack for quirky and humorous games. We released and presented at MIGS2016 a prototype called Rodger Hyena, a dating simulator about puns and the human condition in the face of being a superhuman.

Graphic Design + Illustration

I have been using Photoshop regularly and seriously since 2008, and have a knack for making collages, drawings, infographics, and even medical graphs depicting surgery on rodents.

Game Design

There are not enough words in the English Language to describe how much I love the potential of video games to reach an audience. I have been making games (several of them quirky and/or experimental) since 2014. I also provide workshops and mentorship to get newcomers interested in making quirky video games that use unusual controllers.

Scripting…Sort of

I do not consider myself a programmer (at least not enough to confidently pursue a programming job), but I know enough scripting to program and debug games and projects made with Unity and C#, Arduino, Java-Processing, and can understand my way through Javascript after sitting on a task for 20 minutes.

Oh, and I can make my own shaders on Unity.

Trilingualism as a Bonus

I speak and understand English, French, and Spanish at professional profficiency levels.

Je parle et comprends l'Anglais, le Français et l'Espagnol à un niveau professionnel.

Entiendo y hablo Frances, Ingles, y Español a un nivel de aptitud profesional.