My name is Ana Tavera Mendoza
and I make games.

I am a Montreal-based  UI Artist with a background in game design, graphic design, and multimedia.
I made my first fully-playable game prototype in November 2013, and I haven't really stopped making games ever since. I graduated from Concordia University's Computation Arts BFA program in June 2015, and in June 2017 I obtained an AEC in Independent Video Game Design at Dawson College.

More About Me

What I can do

Graphic Design

I can integrate different assets into one cohesive piece, as well as making my own illustrations.

Game Design

I enjoy designing games, from Game Design Documents (GDD) to iterating.

3D Modeling

I can do 3D modeling and animation with Blender, 3DSMAX, and Autodesk Maya.


I know enough C# to debug my own games, made with Unity3D.

Making Games professionally since

Awards & nominations

Years of experience with Adobe Photoshop

I am available for freelance work in Montreal (QC) and remotely.

Let's get in touch.