Duration of the project: 24 hours


Rocio Ayala — Programmer

Raymundo Cassani–Lead Programmer, Signal Processing

Shaun Zia –Android Developer

My Role: Front-end Developer, UX designer

Special Thanks to Andrea Ivanescu for her video editing of the MyoDowntime demo video.


MyoDowntime is a gesture-based playful application–it’s not yet quite a game per se, but it has the groundwork to become a serious game–where a Myo armband is used as the main input in order to paint and draw on a screen or projected image.  The goal of the prototype was to create a framework of serious games; MyoDowntime was destined just as much to people in need of physical therapy as anxiety patients in need of a distraction while focusing on the motions needed to draw with the application.

I made the screen-based UI on the screen, and Raymundo configured and mapped the myo to the on-screen application. The brush size of the painting application depends on how much the user is clenching their fists, and gently tapping their fingers together change the brush color.

Shaun was making prototypes to make the Myo armband compatible with Android.
This project was developed at AngelHack Montreal 2015 and made it to the finals, and it was developped in partnership with the MuSAE lab of the INRS-EMT.




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